​​​​All testing procedures will be completed by Equine Medical Center of Ocala

​Pricing for CEMincludes boarding, the use of the facility, the required testing for all CEM procedures. In recent years, there have been isolated incidents where cultures have experienced overgrowths. This is a term loosely describing a situation rendering the culture unreadable. It can happen at anytime during the eight day incubation period. To reduce the possibility of an unexpected delay in their release, a fourth culture is taken prior to washing and packing.


Mares will be quarantined for approximately 14-16 days depending upon their arrival. During this time, the USDA and Equine Medical Center will work together to conduct all the required testing. Standard board includes :

  • Choice of grain (2x daily)
  • Veterinarian fees including 4 cultures, washing and packing for 5 days.
  • Hay (usually an alfalfa/timothy mix) 4x daily
  • Hand walking and/or turnout
  • Basic care and regular night check
  • Coggins

Fee: $2700.00:


Quarantine for stallions can generally run from 32 - 42 days depending upon their arrival. During the quarantine period, the USDA and Equine Medical Center will work together to conduct all required testing. Standard board includes:

  • Choice of grain (2x daily)
  • Hay - usually an alfalfa/timothy mix - 4x daily
  • ​Hand walking and basic care including night check
  • Coggins testing

​Fee: $10,500.00

Hours of visitation are 9:00am to 4:00pm Tuesday through Saturday. Sunday - Monday, hours of visitation are 9:00am - 5:00pm. Visitors need to schedule an appointment with either  Will or Betsy Calder. If necessary, special arrangements can be made but only by appointment.

Horses in quarantine may be exercised by hand walking or riding. Turnout is available.
No medication is to be given to quarantine horses without prior consent. Any use of medication could jeopardize the CEM quarantine process.
Visitors are to park in a designated area.
All visitors must use the footwash and handwash upon entering and exiting the facility.
Pets are not permitted in the quarantine area at any time.
Any feed requests or special instructions must be requested in advance.
Farriers are allowed during visiting hours with prior consent.



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